Majors in mathematics or statistics from Amherst go on to a variety of positions after Amherst. The college's Alumni page is a great way to see what our majors have gone on to do with their careers and graduate education.

You can also check out our Alumni Links page which contains links to profiles of recent alums. Feel free to submit your own link via the instructions at the bottom of the page.

If you are searching for a specific alum, or want to look up all recent alums going to your graduate school of choice or similar, see the Career Network page for search tips.

Positions after Amherst

Majors from our Department go on to a variety of activities after graduation. These activities range from graduate school in mathematics, statistics or a related field, to teaching positions, and actuarial positions. For more information on any of these positions, see their respective sub-pages. When thinking about careers after Amherst, students can also make use of the Amherst Career Center.

To learn more about careers involving mathematics and statistics, browse the websites of the professional societies:

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