Mathematics & Statistics Alumni

Majors in mathematics or statistics from Amherst go on to a variety of positions after Amherst. A list of some majors and their current activities is below.

Some alums have returned to campus during Career Day to share their stories about jobs after Amherst.

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Some Recent Majors and Their Post-Graduation Activities

Class of 2014

Noelle Niu, Class of 2014, Pursuing a Master's Degree in Classics at Boston College 

William (Whit) Froehlich, Class of 2014, Working at University of Michigan in cardiology research and entering the University of Michigan Medical School in Fall 2015

Jacob Witten, Class of 2014, Pursuing a Ph.D. in Computational and Systems Biology at MIT

Defne Surujon, Class of 2014, Working as a laboratory technician at the Human Nutrition and Research Center on Aging

Hannah Raskin, Class of 2014, Working at Amherst College as a green dean in the provost office and office of student affairs and TAing math classes.

Class of 2013

Jack Eastburn, Class of 2013, Working at McKinsey and Company as a Business Analyst

Jessica Norworth, Class of 2013, Graduate student at The College of NJ for MAT secondary education Math

Alex Stein, Class of 2013, Working as a Monetization Analyst at Facebook

Dang Trinh, Class of 2013, Working at Analysis Group as an Analyst

R. Henry Weaver, Class of 2013, Working as a paralegal at the Manhattan District Attorney

Classes Prior to 2013

Mary-Anne Juma, Class of 2012, Working for Bank of America Merrill Lynch as an investment banking analyst

Mary Beth Broadbent, Class of 2010, pursuing a Ph.D. in Statistical Science at Duke, developing statistical methods to analyze the data from NASA's BATSE and Kepler telescopes

Emily Moin, Class of 2009, Working for Google as an advertising solutions consultant

Simon Townsend, Class of 2009, Pursuing a PhD in Finance at UCLA after working as a research assistant at the International Monetary Fund

Gina Turrini, Class of 2008, pursuing a Ph.D. in economics at Duke University

CN Chen, Class of 2008, Working as a Quantitative Analyst at JPMorgan Asset Management

Eduardo H. da Silva Neto, Class of 2008, Finishing Ph.D. in experimental physics at Princeton University, and preparing for a postdoctoral position at the University of British Columbia in the fall of 2013. 

Ilse van Meerbeek, Class of 2007, Pursuing a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at Cornell University