Courses in Mathematics and Statistics

Fall 2007

MATH-05 Calculus With Algebra

Tanya L. Leise (Section 01)

MATH-11 Intro to the Calculus

Robert L. Benedetto (Section 01)
Edward A. Connors (Sections 02 and 03)
Benjamin A. Hutz (Section 04)

MATH-12 Intermediate Calculus

David L. Armacost [d] (Sections 01 and 02)
Anders Oberg (Section 03)

MATH-13 Multivariable Calculus

Benjamin A. Hutz (Section 01)
Norton Starr (Section 02)

MATH-17 Intro to Statistics

Katherine E. Tranbarger (Section 01)

MATH-19 Wavelet & Fourier Anal

Tanya L. Leise (Section 01)

MATH-21 Linear Algebra

Daniel J. Velleman (Section 01)

MATH-31 Functns Complex Variable

Norton Starr (Section 01)

MATH-37 Topics in Mathematics

Robert L. Benedetto (Section 01)