Courses in Mathematics and Statistics

Spring 2012

MATH-106 Calculus with Elementary Functions

David A. Cox (Section 01)

MATH-111 Introduction to the Calculus

Danielle L. Benedetto (Section 01)
Abby M. Johnson (Section 02)

MATH-121 Intermediate Calculus

Danielle L. Benedetto (Section 01)
Michael C. Ching (Section 02)

MATH-130 Introduction to Statistics

Corey M. Manack (Section 02)
Jeff H. Stratton (Sections 01 and 03)

MATH-211 Multivariable Calculus

Robert L. Benedetto (Section 01)
Rebecca S. Torrey (Section 02)

MATH-220 Discrete Mathematics

Corey M. Manack (Section 01)

MATH-230 Intermediate Statistics

Joanna M. Jeneralczuk (Section 01)

MATH-272 Linear Algebra with Applications

David A. Cox (Section 01)
Tanya L. Leise (Section 02)

MATH-350 Groups, Rings and Fields

Robert L. Benedetto (Section 01)

MATH-355 Introduction to Analysis

Michael C. Ching (Section 01)

MATH-370 Introduction to Representation Theory

Rebecca S. Torrey (Section 01)

MATH-450 Functions of a Real Variable

Tanya L. Leise (Section 01)