Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics Faculty

Danielle L. Benedetto
Lecturer in Mathematics
Robert L. Benedetto
Professor of Mathematics
Interests: Number Theory, Arithmetic Dynamics, Non-archimedean Dynamics, Berkovich spaces
Gregory S. Call
Senior Advisor to the President; Peter R. Pouncey Professor of Mathematics
Interests: Number theory; especially arithmetic geometry, arithmetic dynamics, elliptic curves and cryptography; and applications of mathematics to the social sciences including voting and game theory.
Michael C. Ching
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Interests: Algebraic topology and homotopy theory, especially Goodwillie calculus and operads
David A. Cox
William J. Walker Professor of Mathematics; Chair of Mathematics and Statistics
Interests: My research interests include Algebraic Geometry, Commutative Algebra, Geometric Modeling, Number Theory, and the History of Mathematics.
Jennie D'Ambroise
Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Interests: My research focuses on numerical and exact methods for nonlinear partial differential and difference equations. I am particularly interested in applications to mathematical physics including general relativity, quantum mechanics, and optics. These are great topics to discuss with students and I regard teaching as integral to achieving the right balance in my work.
Harris B. Daniels
Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Interests: Algebraic number theory and arithmetic geometry, in particular elliptic and modular curves.
Jacqueline M. Dresch
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Interests: Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, Parameter Estimation, Bioinformatics, Image Processing
Amanda L. Folsom
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Interests: Analytic and Algebraic Number Theory, Modular Forms, Maass Forms, Mock Theta Functions, Combinatorics, q-series, Jacobi forms, Modular units.
Nicholas J. Horton
Professor of Statistics (On Leave 1/1/2015 - 6/30/2015)
Interests: Statistics, Biostatistics, Psychiatric Epidemiology, Mathematical Sciences, Statistical Computing, Statistical Education, Missing Data Methods, Juggling
Tanya L. Leise
Associate Professor of Mathematics (On Leave 1/1/2015 - 6/30/2015)
Interests: My research focuses on analysis of biological oscillators like the mammalian circadian clock, including relevant mathematical areas in differential equations and dynamical systems, as well as time-frequency analysis involving Fourier and wavelet transforms. I have also co-authored a variety of expository articles aimed at introducing undergraduates to cutting edge applied math research.
Shu-Min Liao
Assistant Professor of Statistics (On Leave 1/1/2015 - 6/30/2015)
Daniel J. Velleman
Julian H. Gibbs '46 Professor of Mathematics
Interests: Logic, set theory, philosophy of mathematics
Amy S. Wagaman
Assistant Professor of Statistics
Interests: Nonparametric Statistics, Clustering and Classification, Dimension Reduction and Estimation, Graph Theory
Xiaofei S. Wang
Lecturer in Statistics
Interests: Bayesian statistics, statistical computing, data mining

Contributing Faculty

Michael E. Hood
Associate Professor of Biology; Chair of Biology
Interests: Evolutionary Genomics, Disease Ecology, Speciation and Hybridization, Plants and Fungi.
Joanna M. Jeneralczuk
Visiting Lecturer in Mathematics
Eunice J. Kim
Visiting Assistant Professor of Statistics
Cynthia G. Rush
Visiting Lecturer

Emeritus Faculty

David L. Armacost
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Norton Starr
Brian E. Boyle '69 Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emeritus


Anne W. Torrey
Academic Department Coordinator