A student who wishes to study statistics should choose a course according to the following guidelines:

Your First Statistics Course

The default introductory course to statistics offered through the Department of Mathematics and Statistics is Stat 111, and is recommended for students with no calculus background who wish to pursue an introduction to statistics course. This recommendation may be altered based on the following criteria:

Math 121 or higher placement, OR AP Statistics 3 or 4: A student with a mathematics placement of Math 121 or higher (or who completes Math 111 at Amherst) should start with Introduction to Statistics via Modeling, Stat 135, rather than Stat 111. Students with an AP Statistics exam score of 3 should take Stat 135. This is the recommended statistics course for such students. Students with an AP Statistics exam score of 4 should consider Stat 135, or a 200-level course after conferring with the statistics placement advisor. Note that Stat 111 and 135 cannot both be taken for credit.

AP Statistics 5 OR IB (HL) with Statistics Option 6 or 7: A student who received a score of 5 on the AP Statistics exam or who successfully completed the International Baccalaureate Math course with the statistics option and received a score of 6 or 7 who wishes to pursue additional statistics courses should take Stat 230 (Intermediate Statistics), Stat 231 (Data Science), Stat 240 (Multivariate Data Analysis), or another mid-level statistics elective, AFTER reading the section on preparation for additional courses below. 

Potential Mathematics and Statistics Majors: Should enroll in Stat 135, rather than Stat 111. Note that Stat 111 does NOT count towards the mathematics major. Either introductory course serves to open up 200-level electives that can count towards the mathematics major, but only Stat 135 is cross-listed with mathematics. We also strongly recommend potential statistics majors start with Stat 135.

Non-introductory Applied Courses

Students who wish to pursue non-introductory courses have a variety of choices for applied electives. Stat 230, Stat 231, and Stat 240 are all applied electives with a pre-requisite of Stat 111/135. Note that students planning to enroll in these courses should read the section on preparation for additional courses below. 

Preparation For Additional Courses

Students who complete Stat 111, Psyc 122, or successfully place out of Stat 111/135 are required to review the material in an “Introduction to Multiple Regression” chapter and strongly recommended to find a time to meet with a member of the Statistics faculty prior to undertaking additional statistics courses, such as Stat 230, Stat 231, or Stat 240.  (This material is included in the curriculum for Stat 135.) For more details and resources to assist, please visit our Preparation page.