Policy on the Comprehensive Evaluation in Statistics

1. The Chair will appoint a member of the Statistics faculty in the Department as Statistics Evaluation Advisor, to be responsible for overseeing the Comprehensive Evaluation in Statistics. All full-time members of the Statistics faculty in the Department are expected to participate in the evaluation of student work.

2. The Comprehensive Evaluation is undertaken by senior majors in statistics. Thesis students in statistics satisfy the evaluation as described in item 7 below.

3. A proposal for the content of the evaluation materials for each student is due during the semester in which the student is enrolled in Stat 495. The proposal must include an extension of the senior capstone project. The Statistics faculty in the Department will approve/deny proposals and may request a revised proposal.  After approval, students work on their materials during Interterm and early in the spring semester.

4. Students submit their work for evaluation in the semester after completion of Stat 495, before the halfway point of the semester. Prior to their first submission, students are expected to meet with at least two statistics faculty members  in the department to review their work and prepare for the submission. For those who must make a second attempt, a second submission is required later in that same semester. Students are strongly encouraged to meet again with two statistics faculty to prepare for their second submission, if required. This second meeting should be within two weeks of Spring Break in order to provide timely feedback on the first submission.

5. The Comprehensive Evaluation submission must contain reproducible analysis. The main document and technical appendix as well as any necessary supporting or data files are required to be electronically submitted to the Statistics Evaluation Advisor.

6. Students pursuing a thesis in statistics do not submit a proposal for an extension of the capstone project from Stat 495 as described in item 3. Instead, they will already have an approved proposal for a thesis topic as juniors. Thesis students submit a preliminary version of their thesis to the Statistics faculty in the Department to serve as the basis of their Comprehensive Evaluation.

7. The number of times a senior can undertake the Comprehensive Evaluation is governed by College policy (see the last paragraph of the section ``The Major Requirement'' in the Catalog).  The current policy specifies at most two attempts during the senior's last semester at the College.  The policy does allow a third attempt, though this may involve a delay in graduation.  In this situation, the senior must continue work on their comprehensive materials and submit a third version of the materials in a later semester.

8. When a student must make a second (or third) attempt, the proposed extension of the capstone project should be the same as on the first attempt.  Revising the proposal for a later submission requires permission from the Department.

Approved by the Department in September 2014

Last Updated: August 31, 2018