Policy on the Honors Qualifying Examination in Statistics

1. The Chair will appoint a member of the Department as Statistics honors qualifying advisor, to be responsible for the Honors Qualifying Examination in Statistics. The Statistics honors qualifying advisor will coordinate with the Mathematics comprehensive advisor(s). 

2. Students who wish to undertake Honors in statistics must take the exam (described in items 2 and 3 below) in their junior year and must receive a grade of Qualified on each part.

3. The Honors Qualifying Examination will be administered early in the second semester of each year and, for those who choose to take it again, later in the same semester. The exam will have a three-hour time limit. Each part of the exam will be graded by at least two members of the Department. Grades will be assigned in two categories: Qualified and Not Qualified.

4. The exam will consist of two parts, covering material from three courses. The core part will cover Multivariable Calculus (Math 211) and Linear Algebra (Math 271 or 272), making it equivalent to the Mathematics Comprehensive and Honors Qualifying Examination core. The second part covers Probability (Math/Stat 360). Syllabi for all of these courses are available from the departmental web site (Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Probability).

5. A rough rule-of-thumb is that a Qualified means 80% or better, and Not Qualified is less than 80%. These percentages are not fixed and may vary depending on the difficulty of the exam.The Statistics faculty will make Qualified vs. Not Qualified determinations for Statistics honors qualifying students.

6. When a junior gets a Qualified on one part of the Honors Qualifying Examination and a Not Qualified on the other part, they will be asked to retake only the part on which the Not Qualified was obtained. The time limit is two hours when retaking the core and one hour when retaking the Probability part of the exam.  Otherwise, a junior failing to achieve Qualified on both parts of the exam will need to retake the entire exam.

7. A junior will be allowed at most two attempts on the Honors Qualifying Examination. Missing the first scheduled administration of the exam counts as an attempt, with exceptions only by petition to the department.

Approved by the Department in September, 2014

Last updated: September, 2016