Previous Comprehensive Exams in Mathematics

Previous Math Comprehensive Examinations are provided here that you may use for practice and while studying for either the Comprehensive Exam (taken by seniors) or the Honors Qualifying Exam (taken by juniors).

Please note the changes to the exams and their syllabi in past years:

  • Up until March 2022, the Comprehensive Exam was structured like the Honors Qualifying Exam, covering not only the "Core" of Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra, but also a "Subject" portion of the student’s choice of either Algebra (Math 350) or Analysis (Math 355). Seniors taking the Comps only need to study "Core" exams below (as well as any Comps exams from January 2023 onward). Juniors taking the Honors Qual should study both the Core and their chosen Subject.
  • Up until March 2012, the core part of the comprehensive examination covered four courses: Introductory Calculus, Intermediate Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, and Linear Algebra. In Fall 2012, the Department removed Introductory Calculus and Intermediate Calculus from the core part of the examination. So when looking at the core part of an old comprehensive from March 2012 or earlier, you need only look at the problems involving Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra.
  • Over the years, other small changes have been made to the Exam syllabi for all of the courses covered on the Comps and Quals. We urge you to read all of the syllabi carefully when preparing for the Comps or Quals.
  • Some of the older comps refer to courses by their course numbers, all of which changed in Fall 2011, when the College switched from two-digit to three-digit course numbers.

Here is the conversion:

  • Introductory Calculus = Math 11 = Math 111 (no longer covered on the examination)
  • Intermediate Calculus = Math 12 = Math 121 (no longer covered on the examination)
  • Multivariable Calculus = Math 13 = Math 211
  • Linear Algebra = Math 25 = Math 271 or Math 272
  • Algebra = Math 26 = Math 350 (no longer on Comps; still on Qual)
  • Analysis = Math 28 = Math 355 (no longer on Comps; still on Qual)

The .pdf files contain multiple old examinations as compiled by our administrative assistant over the years.

Previous Comprehensive Examinations in Mathematics

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