The Math Fellows Program was launched in the Fall of 2015 with an inaugural group of Fellows to help support students in Calculus courses. The program has since expanded in include Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, and Analysis.  Here are some key features of the program:

  • Each Fellow is attached to a specific course and consults frequently with the instructor.
  • Fellows hold weekly office hours, usually in the evening, and sometimes spend time in the classroom helping with worksheets or computer labs.
  • Fellows sometimes conduct review sessions or proof workshops in addition to their usual office hours.
  • The Fellows meet twice a semester as a group to deepen their knowledge about office hours and get a better sense of the issues involved in effective tutoring.
  • The diversity of our student body has consequences for how students interact with classes and instructors.  Math Fellows read articles that explore these issues.
  • Fellows new to the program participate in training sessions run by the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Quantitative Center.

Being a Math Fellow is great way to help other students and deepen one’s own knowledge of the material covered in the course.  The Fellows program offers students a different way to interact with faculty and students and is an important part of the mathematical community of the Department. 

Fellows are selected from a competitive applicant pool. Requirements include knowledge of the subject and a strong commitment to helping other students. The major in mathematics is not required.