Mathematics and Statistics

Prizes and Awards

The Mathematics and Statistics Department would like to recognize outstanding students.

Each year, the Robert H. Breusch Prize is awarded to the senior who, in the opinion of the faculty in mathematics, has presented the best honors thesis in mathematics.

Breusch Prize Winners:
2015: Dvij Bajpai, Eddie Kim, and Darius Onul
2014: Sunny Xiao
2013:  Andrew Erskine and Henry Weaver
2012:  Trevor Hyde
2011:  Samuel Smith
2010:  Michael Kreisel
2009:  Stephen Oloo

All mathematics and statistics senior thesis writers are elected to Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society. Click here for a list of all recent thesis writers in mathematics.

Each year, Amherst holds the Walker Prize Examination in Mathematics, open to first and second year students. Prizes are awarded to the top two finishers in each class year (ties are possible). 

Walker Examination Winners:
2015:  First Year Students:  1st place Bowen Yang, 2nd place An Thu Hoang and Tobias Schwed
Sophomores:  1st place Fan Hao Yang, 2nd place Yen Nhi Truong Vu
2014:  First Year Students:  1st place Fanhau Yang, 2nd place Yen Nhi Truong Vu
Sophomores:  1st place Ilya Kiselev, 2nd place Asa Goodwillie
2013:  First Year Students:  1st place Ilya Kiselev, 2nd place Asa Goodwillie
Sophomores:  1st place Hongye Guo, 2nd place Zhengyuan Fan
2012:  First Year Students:  1st place Hongye Guo, 2nd place Darius Onul
Sophomores:  1st place Whit Froehlich, 2nd place Jianlin Zhong
2011:  First Year Students:  1st place Jacob Witten, 2nd place Shanghui Li, Whit Froehlich, and Jianlin Zhong
Sophomores:  1st place David (Hao) Zhang, 2nd place Alex Butensky, Zachary Bleemer and Risalat Khan
2010: First Year Students:  1st place Ruiqing Cao, 2nd place Benjamin Pullman
Sophomores:  1st place Yordanka Kovacheva, 2nd place Wenying Hu and Jaiqi Ji
2009:  First Year Students:  1st place Yordanka Kovacheva and Wenying Hu
Sophomores:  1st place John Ware, 2nd place Ambika Kamath

 Previous Walker Exams:

2013 Walker Exam 2013

2009 - 2012  Walker Exams 2009 - 2012

Finally, in 2012-2013, Amherst began nominating outstanding students in Statistics to membership in Mu Sigma Rho,the National Statistics Honorary Society.

Mu Sigma Rho Nominees:
2013: Russell Chen and David (Hao) Zhang
2015: Johannes Ferstad, Jason Premo, Thomas Savage, Jarvis Sill, and Ningyue (Christina) Wang