Get Involved in Math and Stats!

Amherst SCUDEM team, April 2018

We offer many opportunities for getting involved with mathematics and statistics, and for finding support in your math and stats courses and other activities.

If you are interested in Placement and Advising information, please visit our placement page. Below we have a list of other resources to support students academically and to point to opportunities involving mathematics and statistics.

The Moss Quantitative Center provides excellent academic support for many courses, from Calculus to Groups, Rings, and Fields. Drop-in help is available, as well as one-on-one help by appointment.

We have multiple employment opportunities for students in the Mathematics & Statistics Department including graders, Math Fellows, and Statistics Fellows, as well as related positions like the Math Q-Fellow.

To assist you in preparing for finals, we have assembled past Final Exams for most of our courses.

Our department awards a variety of different prizes to students, ranging from first years to seniors. We have also published papers with some of our students, resulting from summer research projects and senior theses.

Statistical Consulting is a service provided by our Statistics Faculty (with assistance from selected Statistics and Data Science Fellows).

Finally, study away, summer opportunities and teaching opportunities for students, including comments from former students about their experiences.

Newsletters for our statistics and data science program can be found here.

Links to National Organizations lists professional societies in mathematics and statistics and a few other math-related sites.

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Summer 2016 outing to see the Man Who Knew Infinity:

Math outing to see the Man Who Knew Infinity