Final Exams

Final Exam Policy: The College expects all students to be on campus for their scheduled final exams. Please note that the semester calendar is posted months in advance, including the dates of the final exam period. You should plan accordingly to ensure that you remain on campus until all of your final exams and other work is complete. The Department policy is that final exams should be taken at the scheduled time; exams will not be rescheduled except in rare cases at the discretion of the instructor.

To support your review of material, the Department provides final exams from previous semesters. Each course has its own sub-page with links to pdfs of the final exams (see below).

Please note:

  • Course content/syllabi change over time and may differ by instructor. Material on an old exam for a course you are currently in may not be an exact mirror of what your course covers. It is your responsibility to be aware of what material your course covers.
  • Not all courses have exams posted each time they are taught for varying reasons (for example, there may not have been a final exam). 
  • STAT 111 exams may be of interest to STAT 135 students. 
  • Solutions to these exams are NOT provided.

Courses with old finals: