Final Exams

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics provides old final exams for courses for student use in studying, whether that is for a current course, to brush up on some skills, for comps practice, or while reviewing to place out of a course. Each course with old finals has its own sub-page (see below).

Please note:

  • Course content/syllabi change over time and may differ by instructor. Material on an old exam for a course you are currently in may not be an exact mirror of what your course covers. It is your responsibility to be aware of what material your course covers.
  • Not all courses have exams posted each time they are taught for varying reasons (for example, there may not have been a final exam). 
  • Stat 111 exams may be of interest to Stat 135 students. 
  • Solutions to these exams are NOT provided.

Courses with old finals: