Mathematics and Statistics

Summer Opportunities

There are a variety of math and stats-related summer opportunities for students. This page has information on three summer opportunity areas:

  • research experiences (REUs)
  • internships
  • teaching opportunities

There is more information below on each of these areas. You can read comments from previous math and stats majors about their summer experiences on our Student Comments page.

In November 2014, several students who participated in recent summer programs spoke about their experiences. The handout from that session can be found here: reu-handout2014.pdf.

Deadlines for submitting applications to many of these programs are early in the Spring semester so do not delay! Feel free to come and talk to any faculty member about these and other programs.

Research Experiences (REUs)

REU stands for Research Experiences for Undergraduates. These programs typically involve a small group of participants, studying and living together at the host institution for part or all of the summer. You will usually have a combination of lectures (at the beginning to introduce you to new topics) and working on particular projects, usually in groups of a few students. At the end you will probably write a joint summary of your work and give a presentation to the rest of the participants. If you make a lot of progress on the project, it might be possible to submit your final paper for publication. Most REUs will cover the living expenses of participants including a stipend (though sometimes this only applies to US citizens and permanent residents).

Here are some points to remember:

  • Each program has its own application process and deadline so read the instructions carefully.
  • An application will typically require letters of recommendations for some of your Amherst professors. Please make sure to ask for these at least two weeks before the deadline.
  • Most programs are also aimed at students at specific points in college, or that have taken a particular set of classes.
  • Many programs require US citizenship or permanent residency, but some do not. Again, read the requirements carefully.
  • There are lots of different programs focusing on different topics and for different types of students. If you have trouble finding one suitable, then keep looking!

Lower on this page is a list of REUs that we have heard about at Amherst, but this is by no means comprehensive. Here are some useful links for finding the program that is right for you:

List of REU Programs for Summer 2015

The following list highlights just a few of the available programs. You will find many more examples by following the links above.

Programs in New England:
Programs not requiring US citizenship or permanent residency:
Programs aimed at first-generation college students or members of underrepresented groups:
Other Programs:


Companies from Amazon to Xerox offer summer internships to students with interest or experience in math or stats. Here are some useful links:

Summer Teaching Opportunities

There are various programs that hire college students to be teachers and mentors to high-school students taking summer math programs. This information has been consolidated with other information related to teaching on our Teaching Opportunities page.

More Information

For more information and other opportunities, see the (physical) bulletin board on the wall of Seeley Mudd between Rooms 202 and 203.

See also the long lists of links at:

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