Mathematics and Statistics

Amherst Career Network

The Amherst Alumni Directory/Career Network lets you search through Amherst alums. If you look up an individual, in their Alumni Profile, you can look at their  Professional tab for current and past employment information and Career Network information as well as graduate school information (Academic tab). Or, if you want to search the directory, some useful tips are below.

  • Looking at Grad School? Search for alumni who were mathematics majors!
    • Conduct a Career Network Search  and enter:
    • Major=Mathematics
    • Program= type of program you are looking for
    • Institution = name of institution
  • Looking to network with Mathematics majors?
    • Conduct a Career Network Search 
    • Enter Major=Mathematics
    • Refine your Search using Alumni Region, or by selecting an Employment Industry.
  • Looking for all alumni who work at a particular company?
    • Conduct a Career Network Search
    • Employer Name = Name of company (it will auto-complete when you begin typing)