Mathematics and Statistics

Thesis Regulations

Regulations for Honors Projects in Mathematics

The following regulations are designed to facilitate the completion of suitable honors projects.

1. Honors candidates will select an advisor and a topic before the end of the Junior year.

2. The body of the honors thesis, excluding front matter, appendices, and bibliography, must not exceed fifty pages.  When the Department determines honors levels and the Breusch prize, nothing beyond the fifty page limit will be considered to be part of the thesis.

The fifty page limit should be regarded as a maximum and not a norm.  In addition, the pages must be double-spaced, with no more than thirty lines per page.  The text must be printed using either a fixed width font of twelve or fewer letters per inch or a variable width font no smaller than 11 points.  Larger or smaller fonts are permitted outside regular text, such as in headings, sub- and superscripts, or footnotes.  On each page of the thesis, the margins should be 1.5 inches on the binding side and one inch for the remaining three sides.  The format described here is implemented in the thesis template file .

These regulations are in the interest of achieving a work whose appearance supports the content rather than obscures it.  The advantages of a document that is not only pleasing to the eye but also eminently readable are hard to overestimate.  Every effort should be made to format formulae, equations, programs, and technical expressions in such a way that they are clear and unambiguous.  An examination of recent theses and current journals, available in the Olds Library on the fifth floor of Seeley Mudd, will indicate the comparative advantages of doing a good job of formatting  thesis.tex.  

In addition to thesis.tex, the following files may be useful:
*    samplethesis.tex and samplethesis.pdf image.  These files illustrate the format and writing style appropriate to a thesis.

*    latextips.tex, latextips.pdf imageand  sample_fig.eps  .  These files give an introduction to how to use LaTeX when writing a thesis.

3. Theses are due by 6:00 p.m. on the Monday of the fourth week before the end of classes.  This date is not subject to extension.

4. Failure to comply with regulations 2 and 3 above will be regarded as a serious flaw in the theses, and may result in a lowered grade in the thesis course and possibly a lowered level of honors.

5. The three required copies of the thesis include one for the College Archives, one for the advisor, and one for the departmental collection.  The archive copy must conform to the specifications of the College Library and be acceptable for deposit in the College Archives.  (The Registrar ordinarily sends a copy of these College guidelines to each senior in the first few weeks of his or her last semester.  The format used in thesis.tex follows these guidelines.  The black spring binders mentioned in the College guidelines are available at Hastings.  Sometimes the Department has a few spare binders -- check with the Department Coordinator in Room 302, Seeley Mudd.)  The Chair will deliver the archive copy to the Registrar.  This archive copy must be in final form at the time of such delivery.

6. Corrections to theses may be made after the date on which they are due in the Department's hands.  Corrections may be made to the body of the thesis, but every such correction will be acknowledged in a list under the heading "Corrections," along with the statement "When originally submitted, this honors thesis contained some errors which have been corrected in the current version.  Here is a list of the errors that were corrected."  This list will be given on a sheet or sheets to be appended to the thesis.  Corrections to spelling, grammar, or typography may be acknowledged by a general statement such as "30 spellings were corrected in various places in the thesis, and the notation for definite integral was changed in approximately 10 places." However, any correction that affects the meaning of a sentence or paragraph should be described in careful detail, and substantial additions to the thesis will not be allowed.  The files samplethesis.tex and samplethesis.pdf show what the "Corrections" section should look like.  Questions about what should appear in the "Corrections" should be directed to the Chair.  Three corrected copies of the thesis and list of corrections must be submitted to the Chair before 2 p.m. on the second to last day of classes.

7. The honors candidate will make available in the Department Office (Room 303, Seeley Mudd) a set of references pertaining to the thesis.

8. Each candidate for honors will deliver an hour-long lecture in the departmental Colloquium on the subject of the thesis.  The talk should be intelligible to upper level majors.  It need not cover all the material in the thesis, but the candidate should be prepared to answer questions from members of the Department on any aspect of the honors project, in a question period following the talk.

9. The grade in the Senior Honors courses 498 and 499 is determined by the thesis advisor, possibly in consultation with the Department.  The level of honors recommended to the College is determined by the Department.  The talk as well as the thesis is considered when setting the level of honors.  The advisor decides whether the talk will be considered in determining the grade for the Senior Honors courses 498 and 499.

April, 2010