We'd love to sing with you!

Sign up for a Vocal Placement here!  

Vocal Placements are held in Room 3 of the Arms Music Center.  Take a right as you enter the building and go down the stairs. 

If you have any questions about auditioning please email Interim Director Gil Wermeling at gwermeling@amherst.edu.

Vocal Placements consist of four parts:

1. We'll have you sing through some warm-up exercises to check the range of your voice.

2. You will sing us one-ish minute of a song of your choice, from any genre or tradition, without accompaniment.  

3. We'll do some brief aural skills exercises (for example, sing back what you hear played on a piano).

4. Finally, there is a sight-singing exercise where we put western staff notation sheet music in front of you and ask you to sing it after-thirty ish seconds of silent prep time.

If any of this sounds difficult to you please do not let it dissuade you from auditioning!  The Glee Club welcomes singers in every stage of their journey with music, including those just setting out.  We hope to see you there!