How do I attend? 
The conference is open to all who would like to attend. You must register in order to access presentations and panels. There is no cost to attend, and registration will open November 1, 2021. 
All conference events will be held via Zoom. Links will be made available during the week of the conference only to registered participants. Zoom rooms will be moderated and only registered participants will be able to enter the digital conference space.

What is the schedule of events? 
The conference schedule is listed here. All times are UTC+2.
How long is each session? 
Presentations are 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes for questions and discussion. 
Three presentations will be grouped into a 3-hour stream (streams held morning, afternoon, evening), and a session chair will mediate the question/discussion portion of each stream.
Are there any additional conference events? 
Yes! We have scheduled keynote presentations, an opening performance from the Mägi Ensemble, conversation panels, and opportunities for socializing. 

When are pre-recorded presentations due?
Pre-recorded presentations will need to be uploaded by 15 January 2022. Please upload your file to the Google Drive circulated via email. 
The format of your presentation can be flexible. It may be:
-a video (with audio) of you reading your presentation
-a video (with audio) that features slides or visual materials
-a video (with audio) that is a combination of these two formats
-Audio only with an attachment for visual aids (example: MP3 and PDF)

I have unanswered questions: who can I contact? 
Please feel free to reach out to conference co-organizers Jeffers Engelhardt and Kate Pukinskis at