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Music at Amherst Parallels Series

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In society, poets and songwriters play the essential role of dreamers, opening up avenues of hope for others. Despite the oppressive regimes that prevailed throughout much of Latin America and Spain in the 20th century, the dreamers held onto an unending love for beauty and humanity. Mexican-born jazz singer Magos Herrera and the omnivorous string quartet Brooklyn Rider join forces for an unforgettable musical journey, reinterpreting classics of the era from Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Spain, and celebrating such luminaries as Octavio Paz, Federico García Lorca and Rubén Darío.

Brooklyn Rider offers eclectic repertoire in gripping performances that continue to attract legions of fans and draw rave reviews from classical, world and rock critics alike.

“They are four classical musicians performing with the energy of young rock stars jamming on their guitars, a Beethoven-goes-indie foray into making classical music accessible but also celebrating why it was good in the first place.” –Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Magos Herrera is regarded as one of the most expressive, beautiful voices and most active vocalists in the contemporary Latin American jazz scene. She is best known for her eloquent vocal improvisation and a bold style that elegantly blends and surpasses language boundaries.

“Herrera is stretching the very notion of jazz singing, pushing past the diva pleasantries into a sound that’s bold, thrilling and effortlessly global.” –NPR

A public masterclass/workshop follows this M@A Series performance at 10 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 30. It is free and open to the public. For room postings, please see signage upon arrival.

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