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The Amherst College Department of Music presents The 9th Dimension, an extraterrestrial visitation and music thesis featuring the sounds of a psyched-out, fuzzed-up electric guitar, polyphonic membranophones, synthetically altered claviers, a subspace bass guitar and a horn section abducted from Amherst College’s finest. Composed, performed and directed by Samuel Croff III '19E, this performance is free and open to the public, with seating by general admission.

For almost a year, astronomers have been tracking what initially appeared to be a comet harmlessly passing through our solar system. It was only when said comet diverted course and began approaching Earth at high speed that it was discovered to in fact be a space-faring vessel of unknown origin. Keeping the truth under wraps until now, scientists and astronomers have been working around the clock to determine as much as they can before our intergalactic guests arrive. Though much is still a mystery, they have been able to determine a few things: First, through the use of long-range scanners, strange sonic fluctuations have been detected emanating from the vessel. Initially mistaken to be a form of language, these fluctuations are now identified as instrumental vibrations, suggesting our guests are musical in nature. Second, based on their current speed and trajectory, their arrival seems set for Friday, Nov. 2. All who are interested in making first contact with this new musical species are urged to gather that Friday, Nov. 2, at 7 p.m. in the Buckley Recital Hall in the Arms Music Center at Amherst College for what will surely be a night to remember.

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