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Presented by the Arts @ Amherst Initiative, this program projects the wide range of artistic work currently being undertaken at Amherst College.

Joshua Baum’s Terrarium is an abstract hand-painted film created on 16mm stock, with imagery inspired by elements of nature and improvised, serendipitous experimentation with material, color and form.

Brian House’s sound artwork Sub-Sanctuary employs a “macrophone” to record infrasound, or low-frequency waves, in the Amherst College Wildlife Sanctuary over the course of a month, gathering distant changes in the atmosphere that nonetheless saturate our environment.

Yaksu-dong House Series, by Jongeun Kim, incorporates dance and animation within an experimental video work, with music by Lucas Brown.

Jason Robinson introduces "Malachi," a composition for jazz quintet featuring Robinson on tenor saxophone with trumpeter Thomas Heberer, pianist Angelica Sanchez, bassist Avery Sharpe and drummer Yoron Israel, utilizing numerical relationships from Robinson’s family to inspire melodies, harmonies, rhythmic feels and formal elements.

Eric Sawyer and Ron Bashford will present a scene from their new opera, The Onion, named for an invention that can bring back memories with realistic vividness, featuring singers Isabel Randall and David Thomas Mather.

Wendy Woodson’s experimental video Elsewhere follows two voices through continually changing landscapes and scenarios as they search for a sense of belonging and simultaneously seek an alternative "elsewhere" of the imagination, with sound score by MacKenzie Kugel.

Performance and Ticket Information
Admission is free and tickets are not required. For more information, contact the Amherst College concert line at (413) 542-2195.

Media Contacts
Jason Robinson
Professor of Music, Amherst College

Eric Sawyer
Professor of Music, Amherst College

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Alisa Pearson
(413) 542-2199
Please call the college operator at 413-542-2000 or e-mail if you require contact info