This is a past event

Amherst College student jazz musicians offer a night of jazz performed by student combos, FREE and open to the public. Featuring combos Arches and Haleakala with:

Cici Bradley, Drums Kaisar Perry, Drums  Tyler Bean, Bass Avi Helft, Bass  Parker Smith, Piano/Vocals Daniel Flores Garcia, Guitar  Ziji Zhou, Guitar Bodhi Liveright, Guitar  Caleb Savoie, Saxophones Camila Bonilla, Tenor Saxophone  Sebastian Brenneis, Trombone Troy Rinker, Trombone  Charlie Odulio, Trumpet Ian Behrstock, Trumpet/Piano

And Mesa Verde and Voyageurs with:

Camuel Hart, Drums Gwenivere Bernier, Drums  Kaisar Perry, Congas Wolfie Krebs, Bass  Bodhi Liveright, Claves Zachary Rivers, Guitar  Avi Helft, Bass Mila Dorji, Guitar  Adam Schultz, Guitar Vanissa Nwaigbo, Alto Saxophone  Mathew Mueller, Piano Pierce Berke, Alto Saxophone  Ian Behrstock, Trumpet  Troy Rinker, Trombone  Camila Bonilla, Tenor Saxophone

The combos are small groups of musicians who are dedicated to studying the great jazz artists and carrying on their legacy by making innovative journeys into improvisation and small-group playing. This prepares the group for life after college by exposing the combo to standard charts, techniques and theory, while encouraging each to create their own sound through tune selection, arrangement and use of original compositions.

Contact Info

Alisa Pearson
(413) 542-2199
Please call the college operator at 413-542-2000 or e-mail if you require contact info