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The Amherst College Department of Music presents a thesis in choral-orchestral composition, Requiem: Ceaseless Life, by Charlotte Wang ’24. The concert takes place Saturday, February 3, at 7 p.m. in Buckley Recital Hall in the Arms Music Center at Amherst College. The concert is FREE and open to all; seating is by general admission. Refreshments will be served following the performance.

Requiem, a revered form of classical choral composition, has been notably crafted by illustrious composers such as Mozart, Faure, Brahms, and Britten. In this tradition, Charlotte Wang, inspired by these eminent figures, endeavored to compose one for herself. Her rendition stands apart from conventional Western requiems, which often invoke The Lord through choral passages. In contrast, Wang's choir embodies the alter ego of a deceased character, leading the listener towards a state of inner peace through the exploration and resolution of diverse life narratives. The libretto, written by Haoran Tong '23, introduces a novel perspective on death, intertwining elements from various cultural and religious beliefs, including Hinduism, Daoism, and Buddhism. The performance is further enriched by a baritone solo from Patrick Spoor '23, who assumes the poignant role of the deceased.


I. Dying Rage;

II. Red Dusts;

III. Soft Shells;

IV. Tethered Strings;

V. Coming Together;

VI. Breaking Free;

VII. Last Farewell;

VIII. Ceaseless Life


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