Buckley Recital Hall is the primary concert, rehearsal, and music performance lab on the Amherst College campus. Students and faculty rely on it for the learning and teaching of music and for the events that culminate the work of musicians on campus. Buckley also serves the community by offering headliner concerts in the Music at Amherst series and events of a wide-ranging musical variety. 

View of Buckley Recital Hall from stage out to audience

Request Form

To request a date on the Buckley calendar, we ask that you fill out the following brief application. If there is availability in the Buckley calendar, preference will be given to organizations that provide service to the community; have no venue of their own; have not presented in Buckley in recent years; propose a range of workable dates; offer an educational benefit to area students and the community.

Please note the following deadlines for submitting your request:

  • February 15 for presenting in Buckley between June 1-August 15 
  • June 15 for presenting in Buckley between August 15-December 31 
  • September 15 for presenting in Buckley between January 1-May 31

Organizations will be notified approximately one month after the deadline. Selected organizations will be asked to supply greater detail about the event, and enter into a short contract of terms. (Please note that charges may pertain, depending on the needs described.)

Thank you very much for your interest in Buckley and support of the Amherst College Music Department.


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