CCE: Amherst College Music Tutors Program

Program Description (Instrumental Music) 


In light of the recent cuts to music programs nationwide – especially here in the city of Amherst – it is more important than ever to support the musical education of our community’s youth. The Amherst College Center for Community Engagement (CCE) supports instrumental music in the Amherst Public Schools by paying Amherst College student instrumentalists to work with young musicians under the supervision of their public school music teachers.  Become an orchestra or band tutor with the Amherst College Music Tutors Program and help foster the musical development of Amherst’s youth!

The mission of the Music Tutors Program is to provide musical assistance to the Amherst Public School’s instrumental music programs, thereby emphasizing the importance of musical education as well as strengthening those programs through the connection to Amherst College.

Amherst College student tutors commit to attending one or more rehearsals a week at an Amherst elementary school.  Duties include tuning instruments, assisting the band or orchestra director, and playing alongside the kids in rehearsal.  Most importantly, music tutors serve as role models for the youth of Amherst.

NB: The above description is based on the first year of the program. In the future it is possible that the program will be extended to include Amherst Middle School and/or High Schools as well as schools in the area outside of Amherst.