The Chamber Music program at Amherst brings together student musicians in ensembles of varied instrumentation and voices. Like other performance ensembles at Amherst, students need not be music majors in order to participate. Interested students will receive assistance in being matched with appropriate groups of their peers and with selecting repertoire. Rehearsal schedules are flexible and are set and agreed upon by members of the group. Students interested in participating in music on a less formal, extracurricular basis should consult with the Director of Instrumental Music during the first week of each semester to form or continue in a group meeting that semester.

Those students who wish to devote even more of their time to chamber music have the option of electing to audition for and enroll in Music 9 (fall) or Music 10 (spring). This conservatory-style course consists of dedicated student chamber musicians and features coachings and master classes by visiting artists. To find out more about Music 9/10, including past visiting artists, click the link on the left.