Spring Semester

Jan. 31  Kyle Thesis Buckley N/A
Feb.28  Combos with Dave Pietro Buckley 7:30pm (w/ Dave Pietro)
March 31        Yusef Salim Memorial Project and
student combo                                               
Telepathic Milk
April 4 Scott Thesis Buckley Evening
April 7 Flava' Evolution and student combo
Black Coffee
April 14 Miro Sprague Duo and student combo
Orthonormal Basist
April 21 Open Sky Trio and student combos
Reservoir Cats/HQLA
May 2 ACJE Williams Jazz Fest 10am
May 3 Combos Friedmann Room 2pm
May 4 ACJE Buckley 8pm
May 6 Combos Friedmann Room 7:30pm 

Fall Semester

Oct. 25        ACJE Buckley 8:30pm (Family Weekend)
Oct. 28          Reservoir Cats            Schwemm’s                   9pm (w/ EJQ)
Nov. 4 Black Coffee Schwemm’s 9pm (w. McGeeney Group)
Nov. 8 All Combos The Cage 3:30pm-6:30pm (Homecoming)
Nov. 8 ACJE Buckley 7:30pm
Nov. 11 Combo-AC Schwemm’s 9pm (w/Jason Robinson Trio)
Nov. 18 Ann Maggs Schwemm’s 9pm (w/ Freddie Bryant ’87, etc.)
Dec. 9 Combos Friedmann Room 7:30pm
Dec. 10 ACJE Buckley 8pm
Dec. 12 Combos Friedmann Room 7:30pm