Click on a venue to see more info. Here are a few concerts that you might enjoy, but there are many more (which are less expensive as well).


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Another great jazz venue is the Amherst Brewing Company (the A.B.C.). Every other Monday night features a swingin' local big band, the Amherst Jazz Orchestra (AJO), directed by David Sporny.

Occasional performance by UMASS ensembles and the Jeff Holmes Big Band also take place.

Loose Goose Cafe

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Another venue that we enjoy.  Just check out the names of their sandwiches!  Occasional jazz events take place at the Goose.  The owners (Larry&Jackie) are great fans of jazz and we tend to use them to cater our jazz events with their tasty desserts and coffee/cider.


Feel like getting away for the weekend? Our geographic location places us within easy reach of Boston and NYC, as well as Hartford, Albany, and Montreal.  See what is going on in New York or in Boston through Citysearch pages. Click on a city, then click events by type on the left navigation bar of that page. Then click jazz on the new left nav bar.