The Music Department offers individual music lessons taught by its staff of professional instructors. 

How lessons are structured

Vic Rawlings sideview both teaches Banjo HORIZ by Jon K. Crispin April 2022 .JPG Lessons meet once a week for twelve 50-minute meetings per semester.

Lessons count as a half course. You may repeat lesson courses and take lessons every semester. Note the college's policy for half courses at the link below, particularly how half courses contribute to degree completion. 

You may audit the lesson course, in which case it does not bear credit.

Lesson fee

A semester of lessons bears a fee of $775. The fee is not refundable for any reason after the end of Add/Drop. 

The fee is completely subsidized by the college, if: 1) you are receiving need-based financial aid from the college; and 2) you are registered for credit. If you do not receive financial aid, or you choose to audit the course(s) for no credit, you do not qualify for the funding subsidy. 

Corequisite Full course in Music

For your initial semester of lessons, you must also enroll in an additional full course in the Music Department. In other words, a full course in music is a corequisite of your first half course in lessons. The department recommends MUSI 111 ("Introduction to Music") for students who are learning to read notation.

To make arrangements for lessons

Register online, as you would for any course. The Music Lesson (MUSL) courses are listed as requiring instructor permission. Suzette Farnham, Music Department Coordinator, serves as instructor record for all MUSL courses and will respond promptly to your registration request.

If you wish to audit the lesson course and take it for no credit, contact Ms. Farnham directly to register as an auditor.

If you have any questions, contact Ms. Farnham.

Five College Lessons
You may take lessons at one of the other colleges through the Five College interchange. Contact these departments directly for information:
  • University of Massachusetts - 545-2227
  • Smith College - 585-3150
  • Hampshire College - 559-5622
  • Mt. Holyoke College - 538-2306