Students must complete a departmental requirement of eight semester courses, which should include the following:
  1. MUSI 341 ("Tonal Harmony and Counterpoint") should be completed before applying to the major.
  2. A course in Ethnographic Studies should be selected from the following list: MUSI 105 ("African Popular Music"), 106 ("Master Musicians of Africa"), 115 ("Writing About Music"), 116 ("Live Music"), 123 ("Sacred Sound"), 128 ("The Blues Muse"), 225 ("Jazz Film"), 232 ("Listening, Hearing, and the Human"), 238 ("Connecticut River Valley Soundscapes").
Student with expressive hand gesture speaking in class
  1. A course in Historical Studies should be selected from the following list: MUSI 110 ("The Symphony Orchestra"), 126 ("Hip Hop History"), 220 ("History of Opera"), 221 ("Voices from a Bygone Time"), 222 ("Music & Culture II"), 223 ("The Musical Symptoms of Modernism"), 226 (Jazz History to 1945), 227 ("Jazz History After 1945").
  2. A course in Analysis should be chosen from MUSI 342 ("Form in Tonal Music"), 343 ("Jazz Form & Analysis"), 344 ("Methods of Analysis").
  3. Two courses designated as Major Seminars should be selected. 300-level seminars provide the basis for thesis and advanced work; 400-level seminars provide opportunities for advanced, and in many cases, thesis-oriented work. Either of the thesis courses, MUSI 498 and 499, may be counted as one of the two Major Seminars required.