To apply to the major, please send an email to the chair, Professor Robinson, in which you answer the following questions:

1. Please list the music courses you have taken and are currently enrolled in at Amherst College (including instructor and year and semester taken).

2. Please list further music courses you plan on taking before you graduate (where possible, sketch out the semesters or years in which you think you will be taking these courses).

3. What is your current major (if any)?

4. What concentration do you imagine pursuing in music (composition, music history, jazz studies, popular music studies, performance, ethnomusicology, opera and musical theatre, music theory and analysis, or other)? Do you have plans to complete a senior honors project in music? If so, please give us some idea of what you are thinking of at this stage. Feel free to elaborate.

5. Please write a paragraph or two about the role of music in your life. In addition to a short biographical sketch of your prior involvement with music, let us know what you hope to do with music in your future and what you hope to gain from being a music major at Amherst.

6. Have you been advised by or have an onging mentoring relationship a member of the Music Department? If so, please indicate who this has been.

We will get back to you shortly after you submit this email as your application.