To apply for the music major, please complete the following form.

Indicate your current major(s) or "undeclared."
Indicate your current college or major advisor(s).
Describe any advising relationships you have had with members of the Music Department--those who have provided mentoring or advice to support your music study.
Please list the music courses you have taken and are currently enrolled in at Amherst College. Include instructor, year and semester taken.
Please list further music courses you plan on taking before you graduate. Where possible, sketch out the semesters or years in which you think you will be taking these courses.
What concentration do you imagine pursuing in music? Are you interested in a particular way of working (historical studies, ethnography, performance, analysis, composition)? Are you interested in a particular repertory or style (opera, jazz, symphony, hip hop, choral, etc.)? Do you have plans to complete a senior honors project in music? If so, please give us some idea of what you are thinking of at this stage.
Attach a copy of your current unofficial transcript here (obtainable on ACData).

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