Thanks to...

Fr. Alex Cymerman of Mater Dolorosa and Rev. Roland Galipeau of Holy Cross for their willingness to allow a mysterious ethnographing stranger into their parishes, and for all of the informative chats and interviews.

Jeff Chirgwin, musician and insurance agent extrordinaire

Bob Ezold, Barbara Bernard, Barbara Gagnon, Charlotte Martin, Barbara Renkiewicz and Stephen Tracy, for their time and thoughts and willingness to be filmed.

Walter Gonet, who filmed (among many other things) Fr. Alex's homily that appears in the film

Roger Blackmer, who volunteered as a third cameraman at the "We Are All One in Christ Jesus" event

Helen Domorat, for the delicious kielbasa sandwiches

Leo & Mickey Morawski, pretty fantastic people all around

Jeff & Carol Boucher, who run the weekly Bingo game in the Parish Center

And my uncle, Mark Dupont, through whom the idea for this project was born, and who was an invaluable source of both information and late-night sustenance.  

My best wishes to both parishes as the linking process continues.