Mauro Diaz

Mauro Diaz is a sophomore at Amherst College. Originally from Dallas, TX, he is currently majoring in Anthropology (and looking to double major in Film and Media Studies). His research interests include human-environment interactions and urban agricultural sustainability. Though not majoring in music, he enjoys playing various instruments from the banjo to the jaw harp. He can be reached at mdiaz14[at]amherst[dot]edu.



Andrew Feinberg

Andrew Feinberg is from Manhattan Beach, California. He is graduating from Hampshire College in Spring 2012, with a concentration in ethnomusicology and language. He spent a semester studying music in Cuba with the Hampshire in Havana program and studied journalism at the Carter Institute at NYU. He is also a musician, and performs in a number of campus bands and ensembles.  Contact him at andrew.a.feinberg[at]gmail[dot]com.