The neuroscience major is highly interdisciplinary, with students taking courses in biology, chemistry, psychology, mathematics, physics, and more. The first course required for the major is Intro to Neuroscience (NEUR-226).

  • NEUR-226 is required to be taken in Spring of sophomore year

  • NEUR-226 has a requisite of either: PSYC-212 or BIOL-181 or BIOL-191.

The Neuroscience major also requires multiple Chemistry courses and BIOL-191, which is often taken in the fall of their sophomore year (prior to NEUR-226). In order to satisfy the Chemistry (and BIOL-191) requirements, first-year students should follow these guidelines:

  • First-year students who place into Math 111 should plan to take Math 111 and both Chemistry 151 & 161 during their freshman year.

First-year students who place into Math 105 should plan to take Math 105 in first semester and Math 106 & Chemistry 151 in second semester

See sample 4-year schedules on the Required Courses page