Neuroscience Faculty

John-Paul Baird

Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience; Chair of Psychology

Ethan R. Graf

Assistant Professor of Biology

Lisa A. Raskin

John William Ward Professor of Psychology (Neuroscience) (On Leave 1/1/2017 - 6/30/2017)

Josef G. Trapani

Assistant Professor of Biology

Sarah M. Turgeon

Professor of Psychology (Neuroscience).; Chair of Neuroscience

Contributing Faculty

Caroline E. Goutte

Professor of Biology

Dominic L. Poccia

Rufus Tyler Lincoln Professor of Biology

Patrick L. Williamson

Edward H. Harkness Professor of Biology

Emeritus Faculty

Stephen A. George

The Manwell Family Professor of Life Sciences, Emeritus (Biology and Neuroscience)


Isabel Margolin

Academic Department Coordinator