Welcome to the Neuroscience Program at Amherst College

This webpage is for first-year and transfer students interested in Neuroscience. The Neuro Program at Amherst welcomes your interest in our courses and research. (More information for non-majors, new and transfer students in Amherst's academic departments and programs.)

Get to Know Your Professors!

Neuroscience faculty are eager to get to know you and can make useful suggestions to you about other courses or campus events and opportunities that might fit your interests. If your curiosity is sparked by a particular subject matter, go seek out the professor to explore more!

Students Interested in Non-majors Courses

Students interested in the insights of Neuroscience but whose area of specialization is likely to lie outside the area of neuroscience, please consider the following course: NEUR-211

Transfer Students Interested in Majoring in Neuroscience

Transfer students intending to major in neuroscience are typically assigned an advisor in the program upon acceptance to Amherst. While the Registrar's Office determines which courses are transferred, together with your advisor, you will look carefully at the coursework you've already done to determine which courses will meet requirements for the major and then make a plan for how best to succeed moving forward in the major. For any questions related to majoring in neuroscience, please contact the Chair.

Students Interested in Majoring in Neuroscience

Please consult our new Getting Started in the Major webpage for lots of information on how to start off on these courses and pathways through the neuroscience major.