Neuroscience Prizes

Each year the Neuroscience Program offers prizes to students that have shown great promise in the field of Neuroscience.  These awards are named in honor of former faculty and alumni, and are described below, along with details associated with each award.

The Professor Stephen A. George Prize in Neuroscience

The Professor Stephen A. George Prize in Neuroscience is awarded to the junior Neuroscience major who has shown outstanding performance in introductory Neuroscience coursework.  The prize is given in honor of Professor Stephen George who was involved in the founding of the Amherst College Neuroscience Program, one of the first in the country, in the 1970s.

The James Olds Memorial Neuroscience Award (Thesis)

The James Olds Memorial Neuroscience Award, established by the Swerdlow Family Foundation in recognition of the contributions made to the neurosciences by Dr. Olds of the Class of 1947, is presented to the student whose research in the neurosciences is judged, by the faculty of the Neuroscience Program, to be of highest quality.