The Neuroscience Major doesn't allow placing out of the advanced Neuroscience courses. Here are some specific details on placing out of the General Science courses:

  • Note that MATH-111 or Advanced Placement (at least 4 on AB or 3 on BC) is a prerequisite for CHEM-161/65 and PHYS-117.
  • The Statistics requirement is separate from this Physics/Math requirement and you cannot use a course from one requirement to double-count for the other.

Advanced Placement information for the General Science courses:

  • If you have Advanced Placement in any of the subjects, take more advanced courses.
  • Chemistry: with a Chemistry AP score of 4 or 5, follow the recommendation made during orientation (many students with AP credit still take CHEM-151). 

  • Math: you may place out MATH-111 with a score of 4 or 5 on the AB exam or a 3 on the BC exam. In this case, you still need to satisfy the Physics/Mathematics requirement with a higher-level course.

  • Biology: you may place out of BIOL-191 with a score of 5 on the Biology AP exam. In this case, you must substitute BIOL-251 or BIOL-291 for the BIOL-191 requirement. Please see the Biology Department's Placement Information webpage for more details.
  • Statistics: Someone with a 4 or 5 on the AP Stats exam should take STAT-230 (formerly MATH-230).  Students with a 3 (or less) and with some calculus background should take STAT-135 (formerly MATH-135).