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Petitioning the Program for Off-Campus Credit

The Neuroscience Program will consider counting courses taken off-campus (e.g., Five College courses, or those taken while studying away) towards major requirements, mostly this is towards the upper-level elective requirement. These courses must also be counted by the Registrar towards graduation from Amherst.

To petition for credit towards the Neuro major requirements, students should prepare a letter to the Program, sending it electronically to their academic advisor and the Neuroscience ADC and Chair and include the following information.

  1. Your name, class year, and advisor's name.
  2. All Neuroscience requirements you have completed to date, including both biology and physical science courses required for the major.
  3. The semester/year you are planning to be off campus, the name of the program, and information about the course(s) for which you would like to receive credit.  For each course, please include the following information.
    • Course title and number
    • Course description (e.g., from the course catalog)
    • Course information (e.g., a copy of the syllabus, the textbook used, number of lecture and lab hours etc..).

Following the submission of your letter, your major advisor and the Chair in consultation with the program will review and determine the level of credit to be awarded. Primarily credit is granted for the upper-level elective requirement. Your major advisor will write back to you with confirmation. You will then relay the information to the ADC to be entered in your record as fulfilling a major requirement.