Neuroscience Senior Comprehensives Instructions

In addition to the mandatory seminar attendance requirement, students must also pass a comprehensive examination:

Written Examination. Take a written exam on paper(s) from the recent Neuroscience literature. (this is the standard option)

Important points for exam:
  • The exams will occur early Spring semester and date & time will be announced during interterm.
  • The Schedule page will list the date & time and the papers that the exam will be based upon.


Written Exam Details

The exam date will be in early spring semester and will be announced during January interterm.

During January interterm, you will be notified of one or more papers (see Schedule) to read ahead of time:

  • The written exam questions will be based upon these papers.
  • Questions are based on your prior coursework in Neuroscience.
  • Questions may be directly related to the paper or they may ask you to consider some aspect of the paper in the context of something else in your neuroscience knowledge.
  • The exam will consist of questions relating to all papers. 
  • We will provide clean paper copies of the papers for the exam (you will not bring your own copy). 
  • You are free to use any sources you wish in reading the papers; however, professors will not be answering questions regarding the papers prior to the exam.  


Note: Attendance by senior Neuroscience majors is required for all seminars and oral presentations.