Neuroscience Senior Comprehensives Instructions

Neuroscience comprehensives for students in the class of 2015 will be held on a select number of Thursdays in the academic year. Generally, there will be three (3presentations for each date except for the day during January interterm when there will be around six (6) presentations.


Email your top three paper choices and top three date choices (see # 2 and 3 below) to the Neuro Chair before 5 PM on the Thursday due date in September. *Be sure to rank your choices in order of preference!

  1. See the preparing and presenting webpage for details on your presentation
  2. See the list of papers to select 3 preferred choices for your presentation
  3. See the comprehensives schedule to select 3 preferred dates for your presentation
Your paper and presentation date

Students will be selected randomly and given their top choice of paper and date based on availability. In the case of ties, all candidates will be rechosen randomly.

  • If an excess of students choose certain papers resulting in your three choices being already chosen, then you will be contacted to select additional paper preferences.
  • If an excess of students choose a particular date, unfilled dates will be filled from random student selection.
  • If you do not submit your preferred papers and dates by the due date, you will be given a random date and paper from the remaining choices for each.

Note: Attendance by senior Neuroscience majors is required on all dates except the January interterm date. Since this date is during interterm, attendance is not required, but we ask seniors who are on campus to please attend.