Study abroad options for Neuroscience majors

See the UCL Neuroscience Program here

The large number of Neuroscience requirements makes it essential for Neuroscience majors to plan carefully if they wish to study abroad during their time at Amherst.  However, it is possible for Neuroscience majors to study abroad, and many of our majors do so.

The purpose of study abroad is to provide experiences and educational opportunities that are different from what is available at Amherst, not to replace Amherst Neuroscience major courses with similar ones elsewhere, nor to use study abroad as a reason to avoid participating for two semesters in the senior seminar and comprehensives.

Thus students can study in non-English speaking countries, taking language and cultural courses that do not count towards the Neuroscience major.  Or, if you go to an English-speaking country such as the U.K., Australia, or South Africa, it is sometimes possible to take courses that count as Neuroscience electives.

Explore the Study Abroad Program at Amherst College

Constraints on Neuroscience majors who study abroad

  • Potential neuroscience majors may signup for a study abroad program prior* to their enrollment in the neuroscience major during the spring of their sophomore year. Please note that it is critical to discuss your study abroad plans with both your current advisor and a neuroscience professor.  (*approved by the study abroad office)
  • One semester abroad is feasible, but it has never been possible for Neuroscience majors to study abroad for two of their 8 semesters. (the only exception is the University College London program—see below)
  • The senior seminar/comprehensives requirement, which is as important as course requirements for the major, means that students may not be away from Amherst for either of their final two semesters before graduating with a Neuroscience major.
  • The 2 core laboratory course requirements for the major—Introduction to Neuroscience, Molecular Neurobiology or Neurophysiology—may not be satisfied by courses taken abroad. (the only exception is the University College London program—see below)

Counting study abroad courses as electives for the major

  • It is important to meet with a Neuroscience faculty member before applying to Study Abroad Programs, to confirm that the courses will indeed fulfill Amherst Neuroscience requirements including electives.

As noted above, the Neuroscience program at University College London study abroad program has been set up specifically for Amherst Neuroscience majors. It includes pre-approved science courses that do count towards the major. Follow the link to learn more about this program.