Student Neuroscience Research

Many Amherst Neuroscience majors perform research in laboratories at Amherst College during the academic year and during summers here and elsewhere around the country.

In addition, students may elect to complete an honors research project during their senior year. The honors research project culminates in a written thesis and a public defense. Completion of the honors thesis results in the possibility for graduating with latin honors.

Recent Honors Theses: Class of 2014

Elucidating the role of the MET channel in hair cell encoding using Channelrhodopsin-2

Razina Aziz-Bose (Advisor: Trapani)


Exploring Short-Term Taste Aversion in the Hindbrain

Krystal English (Advisor: Baird)


Characterizing spontaneous hair-cell neurotransmission and spike encoding in the zebrafish lateral-line system

Varun Iyengar (Advisor: Trapani)


A Structure-function Analysis of Rab3-Interacting Molecule (RIM) at the Drosophila melanogaster Neuromuscular Junction

Charlie Reighard (Advisor: Graf)


Sex differences in children’s and college students’ free drawing and color use and their relationship to 2D:4D ratio

Nikki M. Takemori (Advisor: Turgeon)


The Effect of Chronic Caffeine Consumption on Amphetamine-Induced Locomotion and Striatal c-Fos Density in Adolescent Male and Female Sprague-Dawley Rats

Shannon Elizabeth Townsend (Advisor: Baird)