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Honors Thesis - Class of 2017

Alifayaz Abdulzahir

Christina Hansen

Emily Horwitz

Rakin Muhtadi

Janet Nguyen

Samuel Short

Ruben Valera

Honors Thesis - Class of 2016

Matthew Bonomo

Activation of central GPP-1 receptors attenuated binge eating by reducing incentive motivation and hedonic taste evaluation.

Topher Flanagan

The Effect of Presynaptic Discs-Large Knockdown on Bruchpilot Localization

Jason Kuan

Understanding the role of the parabracial nucleus in AgRP-mediated feeding behavior.

Steven Ryu

Characterizing the Effects of RIM Domain Deletion on Calcium Channel Accumulation at Active Zones in the Drosophila Neuromuscular Junction 

Honors thesis - Class of 2015

Peter Alsharif (Advisor: Graf)

Does Rab3 maintain the active zone composition of extended larval synapes

 Rushell Dixon (Advisor: Turgeon)

The effects of chronic caffeine consumption in adolescent male and female rats in the forced swim test

 Emma Hickman (Advisor: Turgeon)

The effect of chronic caffeine consumption in adolescent male and female Sprague-Dawley rats on two measures of anxiety: elevated plus maze and light/dark exploration behavior

Sabrina Lee (Advisor: Turgeon)

The effects of chronic caffeine consumption on open field behavior and novel object recognition task in adolescent male and female Sprague-Dawley rats

Sarah Martell (Advisor: Baird)

Exendin-4, a potent glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist, attenuates binge eating in a novel rat model of binge eating

David Miao (Advisor:  Turgeon)

ABC transporters in Drosophila intestinal stem cells

Alexander Ordoobadi (Advisor: Trapani)

Hair cell encoding of intensity in the Zebrafish lateral line

Alissa Rothman  (Advisor:  Graf)

The role of RIM domains on calcium channel accumulation at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction

 Kyra Schapiro  (Advisor: Baird)

Exploring the electrophysiological changes of the rat prelimbic medial prefrontal cortex during learning, maintenance, and extinction of associations between tones and outcomes of opposing valence

Alyssa Sherwill  (Advisor:  Baird)

Disentangling the complex roles of hindbrain GABA in the control of feeding behavior

Elucidating the role of the MET channel in hair cell encoding using Channelrhodopsin-2

Razina Aziz-Bose (Advisor: Trapani)

 Exploring Short-Term Taste Aversion in the Hindbrain

Krystal English (Advisor: Baird)

 Characterizing spontaneous hair-cell neurotransmission and spike encoding in the zebrafish lateral-line system

Varun Iyengar (Advisor: Trapani)

 A Structure-function Analysis of Rab3-Interacting Molecule (RIM) at the Drosophila melanogaster Neuromuscular Junction

Charlie Reighard (Advisor: Graf)

 Sex differences in children’s and college students’ free drawing and color use and their relationship to 2D:4D ratio

Nikki M. Takemori (Advisor: Turgeon)

 The Effect of Chronic Caffeine Consumption on Amphetamine-Induced Locomotion and Striatal c-Fos Density in Adolescent Male and Female Sprague-Dawley Rats

Shannon Elizabeth Townsend (Advisor: Baird)

Honors theses - Class of 2013

Angarita, Paula Andrea. "The role of the parabrachial nucleus in systemic exendin-4-mediated effects on feeding" (Advisor: Prof Baird)

Bae, Haneui. "The role of Rab3-GEF in the organization of the synapse and the localization of Rab3 at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction" (Advisor: Prof Graf)

Browning-Kamins, Jenna. "Controlling zebrafish lateral-line hair cells with light" (Advisor: Prof Trapani)

Dixit, Sonum. "Determining the role of the parabrachial nucleus in central and peripheral benzodiazepine-mediated hyperphagia" (Advisor: Prof Baird)

Ha, Nguyen Q. "Dendra2 dissociation assay : testing dissocation between P4-ATPases and cdc50-family subunit during reaction cycle" (Advisor: Prof Williamson)

Jeon, David. "Norepinephrine enhances auditory-evoked activity and increases local estradiol level in zebra finch auditory forebrain" (Advisor: Prof Remage-Healey; UMass)

Joshi, Narendra R. "Role of estradiol in neuronal discrimination between conspecific vocalizations in male zebra finches" (Advisor: Prof Remage-Healey; UMass)

Kundu, Aupola. "Lipids with negative spontaneous curvature contribute to endoplasmic reticulum morphology" (Advisor: Prof Poccia)

Lee, Stephanie Minyong. "The role of parabrachial nucleus in neuropeptide Y mediated hyperphagia" (Advisor: Prof Baird)

Mooney, James "Novel assays for investigating the role of diacylglycerol in secretion and membrane fusion" (Advisor: Prof Poccia)

Moulton, Kristen Leigh. "The construct validity of open field, elevated plus maze, and lightdark exploration behavior in adult rats: an investigation of anxiety across multiple behavioral paradigms"  (Advisor: Prof Turgeon)

Nathanson, John Tyler. "The delayed effects of phencyclidine (PCP) suppress latent inhibition of a conditioned taste aversion in young adult rats"  (Advisor: Prof Turgeon)

Honors theses - Class of 2012

Jorge Alvarado, "CMF41 localization and calcium binding in Trypanosoma brucei." (Advisor: Prof. Springer)

Shirui Chen, "Structure-function analysis of Rab3 and its effect on Bruchpilot localization." (Advisor: Prof. Graf)

Annie Handler, " The effects of melanotan II on taste-responsive neurons in the parabrachial nucleus." (Advisor: Prof. Baird)

Brigit High,  "The effects of clozapine on anxiety behavior in a rat phencyclidine-induced schizophrenia model." (Advisor: Prof. Turgeon)

Roy Jung, "Genetic screen for interactions with the rab3 phenotype in D. melanogaster." (Advisor: Prof. Graf)

Akosua Korboe, "The role of the parabrachial nucleus in rat pancreatic polypeptide mediated increases in sucrose consumption." (Advisor: Prof. Baird)

Fabiana Kreines, "Using channelrhodopsin to study adaptation in hair cells of the zebrafish lateral line." (Advisor: Prof. Trapani)

Grace Li, "Tracing the afferent projections of the posterial lateral Line in Zebrafish." (Advisor: Prof. Trapani)

Constancia Mavodza, "Early versus late eggs of C. elegans hermaphrodite: all eggs are not equal." (Advisor: Prof. Goutte)

Joshua Nazirbage, "The role of sweet taste receptors in the rat brain via intra-third ventricular infusions." (Advisor: Prof. Baird)

Esther Neustadt, "The delayed effects of a single dose of PCP on open field, elevated plus maze and light/dark exploration behavior in young adult rats: An investigation of anxiety across multiple models." (Advisor: Prof. Turgeon)

Priscilla Riva, "Effects of haloperidol on PCP-induced anxiety in light and dark test in rat  " (Advisor: Prof. Turgeon)

Junyeop (Daniel) Roh, "Determining the role of the subunit in determining phospholipid transport specificity by P4ATPases."  (Advisor: Prof. Williamson) 

Alex Stone,  "Site-directed mutagenesis of Dnf-2 and characterization of transport phenotypes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae."  (Advisor: Prof. Williamson)

Honors theses - Class of 2011

Muddasir Ayaz, “Inhibiting nuclear envelope formation in fertilized Lytechinus pictus sea urchin eggs through application of the PLC inhibitor U-73122.” Advisor: Prof. Poccia.

Benjamin Gold, “The effect of Rab3-GEF and Rab3-GAP on the distribution of Bruchpilot at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction.”  Advisor: Prof. Graf.

Mwanasha Hamuza, “Contributions of parabrachial Y1 and Y4 receptors in mediating NPY hyperphagia.” Advisor: Prof. Baird.

Ayla Mansur, “Benzodiazepine effects on feeding microstructure : role of the parabrachial nucleus.”  Advisor: Prof. Baird.

Swapnil Mehta, “An investigation into P4-ATPase binding domains.”  Advisor: Prof. Williamson.

Julio Cesar Mendoza, “Plasticity of horizontal optokinetic nystagmus in Rana pipiens : the role of GluR1-containing AMPA receptors.”  Advisor: Prof. George

Melissa Pritchard, “The effect of single PCP administration withdrawal on c-Fos induction in response to stress in the prefrontal cortex and nucleus accumbens.”  Advisor: Prof. Turgeon.

Cailey Simmons, “The hyperphagic effect of chlorodiazepoxide, but not neuropeptide-Y, is increased by lesions to the parabrachial nucleus.”  Advisor: Prof. Baird.

Saumitra Thakur, "Exploring a potential role for DAG generation in cortical granule-plasma membrane fusion in sea urchin oocytes.”  Advisor: Prof. Poccia.

Alison Thaler, “An investigation of alterations in anxiety behavior as related to schizophrenia:  the delayed effects of a single dose of PCP on elevated plus maze and light/dark emergence behavior in rats.”  Advisor: Prof. Turgeon.

Christina Wright, “Rim regulates calcium channel localization at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction.”  Advisor: Prof. Graf.

Victor Zhu, “Influence of environmental and social factors on the play-fighting behavior of juvenile rats: a behavioral and neurochemical analysis.”  Advisor: Prof. DeVries.


Honors theses - Class of 2010

Sophia Cai, "Investigation of the organizational effects of gonadal hormones on the display of sexually dimorphic behaviors induced by a phencyclidine model of schizophrenia." (Advisor: Prof. Turgeon)

Rachel Cameron, "The phencyclidine animal model of schizophrenia: investigation of the age-dependent effects of PCP on anhedonia and anxiety." (Advisor: Prof. Turgeon)

Pallabi Guha, "Exploring the functionality of the ef-hand motif of protein CMF 63 in flagellar motility in trypanosoma brucei" (Advisor: Prof. Springer)

Eric Holaday, "The influence of sex chromosome complement and gonadal sex on vasopressin mRNA levels in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis in mice" (Advisors: Drs. Geert DeVries and Ben Rood, University of Massachusetts)

Clare Howard, "Characterization of a sao-1 deletion allele in C. elegans: New clues about its developmental function" (Advisor:  Prof. Goutte)

Debbie Jiang, "The role of the parabracial nucleus in mediating melanocortin-induced anorexia"  (Advisor: Prof. Baird)

Chido Kativhu, "The role of vasopressin in the emergence of social play in rats" (Advisors: Drs. Geert DeVries and Alexa Veneema, University of Massachusetts)

Daniel Kim, "Investigating sex differences in the effects of 14-day withdrawal from a single phencyclidine injection on corticosterone response, c-Fos induction and N-methyl D-aspartate receptor subunit expression following elevated plus maze testing" (Advisor: Prof. Turgeon)

Ashley Rivera, "Flow cytometric analysis of nuclear envelope precursor vesicles" (Advisor: Prof. Poccia)

 Sanjay Salgado, "The delayed effects of a single dose of PCP on elevated plus maze behavior in rats: implications for the glutamate model of schizophrenia" (Advisor: Prof. Turgeon)

Thuzar Thein, "Investigation of RegA as a ubiquitinated target of FbxA during Dictyostelium discoideum development"  (Advisor, Prof. Ratner)

Alina Tsareva, "Interactions between Lem3p mutants and P4-type ATPases of Saccharomyces cerevisiae" (Advisor: Prof. Williamson)