Research and Summer Programs for Neuroscience Majors

Neuroscience majors that wish to gain research and internship experiences are encouraged to explore the programs below. Many of these opportunities are paid and offer on-campus housing and meals. The deadlines for application are often in the winter and early spring, so please explore them as soon as you're considering this possible summer option and reach out to your advisor and the Loeb Career Center for more information and guidance. Amherst also has a summer SURF program that is worth checking out!

Summer Research Programs

A great way to apply and extend what you have been learning in the classroom and the laboratory is to join an active research lab over the summer. Amherst College and many institutions across the country (and beyond) offer summer undergraduate research programs that typically last about 10 weeks. Descriptions of some of these programs and the applications can be found at the links provided below.

Students are encouraged to start thinking about summer research and internship opportunities during their fall semesters. It's important to consider all your options and discuss them with your academic advisor early and regularly!

Students are encouraged to apply to multiple programs as there are limited spots in each. Through sending out many applications, most students are successful in obtaining off-campus summer research experiences and internships.

From Carolyn Margolin in the Loeb Career Center:

"Please remember, many STEM internship programs have deadlines that Fall between Mid-January and Mid-March with quite a few falling in early February. My favorite website to search for summer research related internships is this one from the Institute for Broadening Participation.  The “Advanced Search” option (found on the right side of the page once you choose a discipline to explore) can be VERY helpful in narrowing down options based on your needs and interests.  Other websites like have a variety of opportunities focused on college students.  In addition, basic internet searches for “(your area of interest) and summer internship 2024” can yield options in both research and industry to explore as well."