Summer research programs in biology and biomedical sciences

Albert Einstein College of Medicine  (updated 11/15; deadline 2/1/15)
Baylor College of Medicine (updated 1/15; deadlines: application 1/10/15)
Boston U.  Summer research program (updated 1/15; deadline 2/16/15)
Brandeis U.  Program in Cell and Molecular Visualization (updated 1/15; deadline 2/2/15)
Caltech/AMGEN scholars program (updated 12/13; deadline 2/14/14; need to identify a mentor and submit a research proposal as part of the application)
Case Western Reserve University - Pharmacology (updated 11/13; deadline 1/31/14)
Cold Spring Harbor (includes neuroscience) (updated 11/13; deadline 1/15/14)
Colorado State University, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (updated 11/13; deadline 2/1/14)
Columbia/Barnard/AMGEN Summer research program (updated 11/13; deadline "5 pm on 2/3/14")
"Engineering Biological Machines" research programs at MIT, Georgia Institute of Technology, and U. Illinois (updated 11/13; deadline "5 PM est" 2/15/14)
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle (updated 11/13; current juniors only; deadline 1/17/14) for application, 1/25/13 for recommendations
Harvard-MIT HST summer program in Bioinformatics & Integrative Genomics (updated 11/13; deadline 1/31/14); Biomedical Optics (updated 11/13; deadline 1/17/14)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute - Janelia Farm summer program (updated 11/13; deadline 1/15/14, "2 PM EST")
Jackson Labs (Bar Harbor, Maine) (updated 11/13;  deadline 2/2/14, "12 am EST")
Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard (updated 11/13; deadline 1/24/14)
Maine Medical Center Research Institute (updated 11/13; deadline 1/15/14)
Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass. Biological Discovery program (updated 11/12; deadine 3/15/13)
Mayo Graduate School (updated 11/13; deadline 2/1/14)
U. of Toledo/Medical College of Ohio (includes neuroscience) (updated 11/13; deadline 3/7/14)
Medical College of Wisconsin Summer Undergraduate Research Program (updated 11/13;  deadline 2/1/14)
Medical University of South Carolina (updated 11/13; deadline 1/31/14)
MetroHealth Summer Scholars Program - Cleveland (Ohio residents only) (updated 11/13; deadline 2/14/14)
National Institutes of Health Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research (updated 1/13; deadline 3/1/13)
New York University, Sackler Institute (updated 11/13; deadline 2/1/14)
Penn State Medical School (Hershey) summer research program (updated 11/13; deadline 2/10/14 "12 Noon")
Rockefeller University (updated 11/13; deadline 2/1/14)
Santa Fe Institute REU summer program (includes biological modelling) (updated 11/13; deadline 2/7/14)
Sloan-Kettering Summer Undergraduate Research Program (updated 10/13; deadline 2/1/14)
St. Jude Children's Hospital (Memphis, TN) Pediatric oncology program (updated 11/13; deadline 2/1/14)
SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine and Biological Sciences (updated 11/13, deadline 2/7/14)
SUNY Buffalo "CLIMB UP" Program, emphasizing pharmacology and toxicology (updated 11/13; deadline 2/1/14, "11:59 EST")
SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse (updated 11/13; deadline 2/16/14)
University of Alabama at Birmingham, Summer Program in Biomedical Sciences (updated 11/13, deadline 2/15/14)
University of California at San Francisco (updated 11/13;  deadline 2/3/14)
University of Cincinnati Medical School, several programs (updated 11/13; deadline  2/16/14. "5 PM Eastern time")
University of Connecticut Health Center (updated 11/13; doesn't refer specifically to 2014; deadline 2/15)
UCLA, several programs (updated 11/13;  various deadlines starting 2/3/14)
University of Georgia, Microbiology dept. (updated 12/13; deadline 2/15/14)
University of Iowa MSTP summer program (updated 11/13; deadline 2/3/14)
University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Institute for Cellular Engineering (updated 1/13, deadline 3/1/13)
University of Montana Center for Environmental Health Sciences (updated 11/13; deadling 2/5/14)
University of Nebraska Medical Center, links to several programs "Note: The Hepatitis B vaccination is a 3 dose series that can take up to 7 months to complete. You will be considered ineligible if you have not received the final dose by May 1."  (updated 11/13; deadline 3/1/14)
University of North Carolina School of Medicine (updated 11/13, deadline 2/28/14; "All participants MUST arrive on or before Sunday, May 18th.")
University of Oregon (updated 11/13, No hard deadline -offers will be made in mid-Jan. and again in mid-March)
University of Pennsylvania Biomedical Graduate Program (updated 11/13;  deadline 2/1/14)
University of Pennsylvania Gene Therapy Program (updated 11/12; deadline 2/11/13)
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences, several programs (updated 12/13; "early" deadline 2/1/14; "final" deadline 3/1/14)
University of Rochester School of Medicine, several different programs (updated 11/13; deadlines 3/1/14)
University of Texas - Houston Health Sciences Center (updated 11/13; deadline 2/1/14)
University of Texas Medical Branch - Galveston (updated 11/13, deadline 2/1/14)
University of Texas Southwestern - Dallas (updated 11/13; deadline 2/9/14). 
University of Virginia School of Medicine (updated 11/13; deadline 2/21/14)
University of Wyoming - Bioinformatics and Computational Molecular Biology (updated 11/12; rolling admissions starting 2/4/13)
Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy (updated 11/13; several programs, deadline 2/1/14)
 Wake Forest University (updated 11/13; several programs, deadlines 2/10/14)
Washington University, St. Louis Several programs (updated 11/13; deadline 2/3/13)

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