Summer undergraduate research programs in neuroscience

Another up-to-date, annotated list of summer neuroscience research programs is available from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Some Individual programs:

Howard Hughes Medical Institute - Janelia Farms:  broad program with many neuro. opportunities,  (updated 1/18; no stated deadline but "Top candidates will be contacted by email to schedule a videoconference interview by the end of February.")
Medical University of South Carolina (updated 1/18; no 2018 program?)
MIT Bio/Brain & Cognitive Sciences/Center for Brains, Minds & Machines (updated 12/17; deadline 1/30/18)
New York University, Center for Neural Science (updated 1/18; deadline 3/15/18)
NIH - National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke (updated 1/18; deadline 3/1/18)
University of Alabama School of Medicine, Summer Program in Neuroscience  (updated 1/18; deadline 3/1/18)
University at Buffalo "CLIMB UP" program
in pharmacology, neuroscience and other areas (updated 1/15; deadline 2/1/15)
University of Cincinnati School of Medicine (updated 11/15; deadline 2/1/16)
University of Iowa
(updated 12/15; has neuroscience option; deadline 2/1/16)
UMDNJ/Rutgers Summer Program in Molecular and Developmental Neurobiology (updated 11/15; deadline 2/19/16)
University of Nebraska Medical Center, Pharmacology and Experimental Neuroscience
(updated 12/15; deadline 3/1/16)
University of Pittsburgh, Center for Neurosciences (updated 1/15; deadline 2/11/15)
University of Rochester Center for Visual Science (updated 11/15; deadline 3/1/16)
University of Rochester Summer Scholars Program ,includes neuroscience (updated 12/15; deadline 3/1/16)
University of Vermont Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships
(updated 11/15; deadline 2/1/16)
Vanderbilt Center for Neuroscience Research (updated 12/13, deadline 2/1/14)
West Virginia University Center for Neuroscience  (updated 1/15; deadline 2/1/15)
Irene and Eric Simon Foundation summer fellowship
(you work out a placement, they support with $2500); updated 1/15; deadline 3/20/15)

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