Five College Department Major

Interdisciplinary Majors

After submitting a formal proposal and obtaining faculty approval, a student may construct an interdisciplinary major. Learn more...

Creative Writing Center

Amherst does not offer a major in creative writing, but the Creative Writing Center, in conjunction with various departments, provides courses in the writing of fiction, poetry, plays, non-fictional prose and translation.

Independent Scholar Program

With faculty approval, a limited number of students may participate in the Independent Scholar Program, usually in the junior or senior year, in lieu of a traditional major program. Independent Scholars plan a personal program of study under the direction of a tutor. Students must be nominated for the program by a member of the faculty. Learn more...

Other Courses and Programs

Amherst participates in a variety of Five College programs, including 11 certificate programs, supervised independent and mentored language programs, and two shared departments.

Additionally, Amherst offers a wide variety of colloquia and seminars, including first-year seminars.