Amherst College alumni are teaching philosophy at colleges and universities around the world.

Amaral, Carlos, ’83: University of the Azores
Brown, W. Miller, ’58: Trinity College
Carpenter, Andy, ’88: Kaplan University
Chen, Cheryl, ’94: Harvard University
Crease, Robert, ’76: SUNY at Stony Brook
D’Agostino, Fred B., ’68: University of New England, Australia
Gerrard, Stephen, ’78: Williams College
Greenberg, Sean, ’94: University of California/Irvine
Hills, David, ’69: Stanford University
Kind, Amy L., ’90: Claremont McKenna College
Leach-Krouse, Graham, ’05: Kansas State University
Loewer, Barry, ’65: Rutgers University
Lycan, William, '66: University of Connecticut
Mikhail, John ’91: Georgetown University

Miller, Richard B., ’65: Cornell
Pelczar, Michael, ’93: National University of Singapore
Roche, Andrew F., ’98: Centre College, Danville, KY
Simpson, John, ’62: Memorial University of Newfoundland 
Silverstein, Matthew E., ’97:  NYU Abu Dhabi
Sinnott-Armstrong, Walter, ’77: Cornell University New York University
Starr, William, ’05: Cornell University 
Street, Sharon, ’95: New York University
Sullivan, Thomas, '78: Lasell College  
Troxell, Mary, ’88: Boston College
Thompson Evan, ’83: University of British Columbia
Trachtenberg, Zev, ’76: University of Oklahoma
Velleman, David, ’74: New York University
Wack, Daniel, ’95: Knox College
Walker, Matthew, ’95: Yale-NUS College
Wartenberg, Thomas, ’71:  Mt. Holyoke College 
Werner, Andrew T., ’10: Yale University and  Amherst College
James A. Woodbridge, ’87: University of Nevada/Las Vegas
Zaidi, Syed A.R., ’63: Delhi University

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