Department of Philosophy Senior Majors 2018

2018 Seniors: Philosophy majors

Back row left to right: Gunner P. Koff, Connor L. Damon, Alden J. von Ziegesar
Third row left to right: Warren G. Thimothe, Trevor H. Wright, Peter K. Connolly, Emmanuel Osunlana
Second row left to right: Humberto C. (Bert) Martinez, Juan E. Valdes, William E. Coughlin, Jeong Yeop (Terence) Kim
First row left to right: Youngeun Ahn, David E. Ingraham, Fernando C. Liu Lopez
Top right photo left to right: David Yang, Hunter L. Voegele, Surya G. Adams, Delsin David
Bottom right photo left to right: Jacob M. Colman Not pictured: Anthony A. (Al) Williams, Jr ’2018E, Areej Hasan ’18