Courses in Philosophy

Fall 2019

PHIL-111 Philosophical Questions

Rafeeq Hasan (Section 01)
Lauren J. Leydon-Hardy (Section 02)
Nishiten Shah (Section 03)

PHIL-213 Logic

Alexander George (Section 01)

PHIL-217 Ancient Greek Philosophy

Jyl Gentzler (Section 01)

PHIL-226 Political Philosophy: Justice, Freedom, and the State

Rafeeq Hasan (Section 01)

PHIL-260 Introduction to Feminist Philosophy: Subjectivity, Embodiment, and Situatedness

Lisa Kall (Section 01)

PHIL-334 Black Existentialsim

John E. Drabinski (Section 01)

PHIL-335 Theory of Knowledge

Lauren J. Leydon-Hardy (Section 01)

PHIL-364 Kant

Jonathan M. Vogel (Section 01)

PHIL-461 Seminar: Skepticism

Jonathan M. Vogel (Section 01)

PHIL-464 Seminar: Population Ethics

Joseph G. Moore (Section 01)

PHIL-497 Senior Honors Seminar

Joseph G. Moore (Section 01)

Related Courses

COSC-241 Artificial Intelligence (Course not offered this semester.)
MATH-385 Mathematical Logic (Course not offered this semester.)